Tomorrow is Family Frolic Day and Olie and Zowie are goin' to find Mom and Dad the most super duper, bestest Frolic Day present ever... a wishing star - to make all their wishes come true. They're sure to find one with the genuine space explorer Aunt Polie-Anna and the expert shooting star swiper; Gloomius Maximus. That is unless they catch a couple of bouncing babies hitching a ride on a wishing star first.... The two miss-placed tots, Coochie and Coo, who were zipping across the universe on a shooting star, bounce around Gloomy's ship - wreaking havoc and breaking critical navigational devices, leaving everyone... shipwrecked! Gloomy doesn't know much about babies, but he does know they don't belong on his pirate ship. Until they find the twins' family, they belong with someone special... someone like the Polies. With Olie and Zowie homesick and Mom and Dad missin' their little bots back home, it's time they got back to Polieville and quick - or they'll miss Family Frolic...

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