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All's Squared Away Day is the final part of the third episode from Season 6 of Rolie Polie Olie and the final part of the 3-part Christmas special.

Summary Edit

Jingle Jangle day is coming to a close and All Squared Away Day begins. The Bevels hustle and bustle to get all squared and ready to ring in the new cubey year with their neighbors, the Polies. Besides a huge celebration complete with the Polie super chocolicious cake, returning items borrowed is one of the special squared away tasks. Billy returns some items to Olie, so he too can be square with his pal, but Olie cant seem to return the favor. Hes missing a piece of Billy's puzzle. As the squared away festivities get underway and the cake is cut, out pops the puzzle piece and Olie's finally all square too!

Characters Edit



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