Beddy Day for Daddy
Season 4, Episode 1b
Beddy Day For Day
Air date June 13, 2004 (Sunday)
Written by Dave Dias
Storyboard by Lionel Allaix
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Beddy Day for Daddy is a 2 part 38 episode of Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Sunday, 13 June 2004.


When Mr Polie comes down with a cold Zowie must make sure he stays in bed while Mrs Polie is away.

Characters Edit

- Zowie Polie

- Polina Polie (Olie's Mom)

- Percy Polie (Olie's Dad)

- Jack in the ball

- Zowie's toy dragons

- Housey

- Mr. Sunny

Summary Edit

Percy Polie comes down with a cold, and Mrs. Polie recruits Zowie to make sure that her husband stays in bed until he recovers.

Trivia Edit

In this episode, he did not play the main character of the series, which Olie Polie and Spot.

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