Binky Bevel
Binky Bevel




Square Bot


Polieville, Cubey (former residence and origin)


1, 2 (Season 5 and 6)


Bonita Bevel (mother), Baxter Bevel (father), Billy Bevel (older brother)




Playing with Zowie, when Billy sings to him.


Naptime, when Billy tease him for being a baby


Gloomius Maximus (The Great Defender of Fun)


Sunday Muse

Binky Bevel is Zowie's best friend and Billy's baby brother He was 1 from season 2-5. He turned 2 on the season 5 episode Binky's Birthday. around season 5-6 he was more included playing with the older kids along with Zowie. He first appeared in the season 2 episode Baby Binky.

Appearence Edit

Binky is a toddler robot that has one diaper and a button. Unlike Zowie his body is square while hers is round. Also she doesn't have her own button like Binky.

Personally Edit

Binky is a cheerful, happy, playful robot that is fun loving, cute and friendly. He always wants to be in the older kids activities like Zowie. Even though he can't speak as much as Zowie since he is 1 [in most episodes]. He is very sweet and always happy. Sometimes he and Zowie outsmart olie and billy. Like in the Halloween episodes. And he is also known as brave, independent, noble, kind-hearted, protective, brainy, efficient, valiant, eager, laid-back, big-hearted, imaginative, no-nonsense, knowledgeable, thoughtful, bold, even-tempered, vivacious, encouraging and loving.

Voice Edit

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