Season 2, Episode 2b
Air date September 11, 1999 (Saturday)
Written by Bonnie Chung
Storyboard by Andrew Tan
Story by Frank Young
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To Space And Beyond

Information in preparation.

Mousetrap - a 2 part 2 of Section 2 of the season series Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Saturday, 11 September 1999.

Plot Edit

The Mousey is completely out of control after the escape from the clocky they chasing the all around the rooms kitchen and living room upset to Olie's parents to get the mouse and save the cheese.


This is the first time Clock Mouse talks and Tracey Moore's first role with full dialogue


A mouse is causing trouble. So, Polina decides to set up a mouse trap to catch it.

Characters Edit

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