Olie Polie


Innocent, friendly, intelligent, smart, playful, funny, loving, immature


Small, round, 6 years old, large yellow head, yellow skin, beady black eyes, thin eyebrows, tiny round brown nose, red semicircles as his ears, gray arms ending with yellow oval-shaped hands with 4 fingers, gray antenna ending with blue sphere, orange fabric shorts with 2 dark brown buttons, gray legs ending with brown semicircles as his shoes




To help his family To save his little sister from Spookie Ookie To clean his room


Zowie Polie (younger sister), Polina Polie (mother), Percy Polie (father), Pappy (grandfather), Gizmo (uncle)


Zowie Polie, Polina Polie, Percy Polie, Pappy, Spot, Billy Bevel, Baxter Bevel, Bonita Bevel, Binky Bevel, Pollie Pi, Screwy (sometimes), Wheelie, Gizmo, Gloomius Maximus


Spookie Ookie, Gloomius Maximus (formerly), Screwy (sometimes)


Having fun, playing outside, saving the day


Not having fun, Polie pox, sad things, when Zowie says "Dingliedangliedoodle"


"Okey-dokey." "Well, maybe I could be the first bot to ever see him."

OlieOlie Polie is the title and main character of the TV series Rolie Polie Olie. He was voiced by Cole Caplan.

Ollie is the oldest in the family he is the owner of Spot, older brother of Zowie and the twins and best friend of Billy Bevel. He is 7 years old Olie is in every episode except "Little Bot Zoo.


Olie is a very friendly robot who loves play outside he is playful and always loves adventures. He always uses his imagination and loves to play ball with Billy and Zowie and his other friends, he also loves to go to the park and skate board and roller stake. He is a caring and kind hearted robot but sometimes he says stuff like girls can't race and stuff like that but not usually. When the twins were part of their family, he became more mature by taking care of the babies. He is sometimes smart but in genral he is normally immature for his age and innocent Unlike Her 2/3 year old sister zowie.


  • Billy Bevel - olie and billy are best friends they play together a lot and watch space boy together a lot.
  • Zowie Polie - zowie is olie younger sister. They have a very good bond they play together a lot and helps zowie with any problems but in rare times he gets somewhat jelous with zowie. They rarely fight.
  • Screwy - screwy and olie friendship is not the greatest. One time olie punch screwy but that was in beginning episodes where screwy just came in the show. In later episodes they started to get along long and sometimes they solve problems together.
  • Polly Pie - polly is olie's close friend that olie plays with sometimes they get along good but sometimes olie and billy teases her and zowie.
  • Pappy- Pappy and Olie get along very well. Pappy loves playing with Olie and Zowie. Olie loves helping Pappy with his farm and loves going on his adventures.
  • Spot- Spot is Olie's dog. Olie and Spot love to play together and ocasionally he will sleep with olie in his bed.
  • Uncle Gizmo- Olie and Gizmo have a good relationship, he loves it when his uncle comes to babysit.
  • Coochie and Coo- Olie and Zowie love them even before they were adopted. He loves watching them play and sleep together but sometimes gets protective with the twins.
  • Wheelie- Olie and Wheelie get along fine, they love to rollar skate and skateboard together.
  • Mother and Father- Olie gets along well with his parents. He sometimes plays golf with father and helps him with his inventions. He sometimes bakes with his mother and also plays interments with her on occasion.
  • Binky Bevel: Olie and Binky do not have much of a relationship since Binky is a baby. In early episodes, Olie normally gets annoyed with him. But later on in the series, they start to get along and Binky was more included in olie's gang and ocasionally they play together along with Zowie and Billy. Olie cares for him very much.

Similarities and differents Edit

olie and zowie

similarities: there both curious, friendly, playful and smart.

differents: olie is older then zowie, olie is more innocent well zowie Is normally more mature and advanced then olie and more inteligent then olie. Olie is male while zowie is female.

Olie and billy

similarities: there both the same age, they both love the same things, they both have younger siblings.

differents: olie is round while billy is sqaure, Olie hads more younger siblings then, they were both born from different planets.


olie and polly

similarities they are the same age, there both round and love the same things, they both have dogs.

differents: Polly Is more mature and advanced then olie, polly is female while olie Is male.