Polly Pie
Pollie Pi is a close friend of Olie. The school has a student Mrs. Triangle. She has orange hair and wears a red, white, and blue jumper. She Has Rainbow Dash's Wings. Her pet poodle's name is Fifi. Scatchphrases are "Howdy, Olie." and "Meet Fifi, my pet poodle."


Sometimes Pollie and Zowie are like sisters. Pollie is good around Zowie because she still knows that Zowie is technecally still a baby. Polly can be tomboyish like the fact that they both watch Space Boy and loves outdoor activities and plays games like piraites and racing stuff like that but also she likes dolls too there was an episode about Pollie and Zowie playing dolls together. She also likes skateboarding and roller skating. She likes to do the same activities olie and Billy do. And she is also known as polite, optimistic, lovable, loyal, imaginative, empathetic, perky, independent, playful, outgoing, lion-hearted, ladylike, intelligent, efficient, positive and idealistic.


Olie Polie: Olie and Pollie get along very well and play together alot. She even goes to the same school Olie and Billy go to. Even though there very close Olie occasionally teased Pollie along with Zowie but not very often.

Billy Bevel: They are good friends they play together a lot and watch space boy too. Though Billy ocasionally teased Pollie along with Zowie but not very often.

Zowie Polie: They get along very well and play together sometimes when the boys teased them they nomally work together to make the boys stop. They are good friends.

Screwy: The 2 are not very close since he bullies everyone but he always says sorry after that. They didn't get along at first but then they became friends in Season 6 episodes.

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