Screwy was once mischief at Olie's school as well in Olie's gang, but in later episodes he became mature. He also became a close friend with Olie. He made her first appearance in the episode with the same name. He is one of the students of Mrs. Triangle. He was voiced by Noah Reid (the same guy who voiced Franklin from another Nelvana show).

Personality Edit

Screwy was a troublemaker in earlier episodes (Mostly to Billy) and was mischief, crude and immature. But in later episodes he wasn't bullying as much. He also likes parties. In the great defender of fun movie, Olie, Zowie and Billy invited him to Zowie's 3rd birthday. Around in episodes from the seasons 5-6 Screwy personality changed to a more mature manner. When olie punched him in one episode Olie apologies For pinching him and Screwy for give him. He also has a soft spot. Especally for his teacher. Even though in beginning episodes he bullied Olie, Pollie and Billy he didn't bully the younger kids So it seems like he has a soft spot for younger kids. Even though he doesn't hang out with the other kids as often, Olie, Pollie and Billy are her close friends. But it is unknown for Zowie, Wheelie and Binky but he had hang out with wheelie in a few episodes so they seem like their good friends. He tends to have good ideas like in 1 time, Olie, Billy and screwy where working on a science project and Screwy made the idea of making a whrilly, trilly copter and there idea was a success. He tends to be stubborn like in on episode Polina. Polie warned Olie, Billy, Screwy and Zowie if they burp on purpose too much there head will pop out and Screwy wanted to try that and he ended up doing it. Then realized It wasn't a good idea after all. As they blasted off to outer space.


Screwy is the one of the characters who has a hexagon-shaped-head.

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