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The Polies are trying there best to make sure Coochie and Coo fell asleep but at the end of the episode they realize that the babies where fake sleeping.

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Its Play-All-Day in Polieville, and the Polie kids cant wait to get an early start. As they scurry down the stairs to get the fun started, mom and dad inform them that they must be extra quiet because Coochie and Coo finally fell asleep. Does that mean no rough and tumble long-lasting and more importantly loud fun can be had? Of course not!!!

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  • This is the 2nd time Sleep Babies Sleep was sung since The Baby Bot Chase
  • Gloomius Maximus, The Baddies , Willy and Wally Jollie makes a cameo in this episode but, they didn't speak as Paul Haddad didn't voice any characters in this episode.