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Silly Willy Day
Season 3, Episode 7c
Silly Willy Day
Air date December 24, 2000 (Sunday)
Written by Erika Strobel
Storyboard by Andrew Tan
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Adventure Of Space Dads
Detective Polie's Cookie Caper

Information in preparation.

Silly Willy Day is a 3 part 33 episode of Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Christmas Eve, which is Sunday, December 24, 2000 year.


As the Comet Sillius heads toward Polieville, color returns to the gray lives of the Polies marking one of their favorite holidays.

Heroes Edit

- Olie Polie

- Zowie Polie

- Polina Polie (Olie's Mom)

- Percy Polie (Olie's Dad)

- Spot

Trivia Edit

Black and white photos appear in the episode.

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