Soupy Zowie and Diaper Dyma-No
Season 6, Episode 1a
Soupy Zowie and Diaper DymaNo
Air date April 23, 2006 (Sunday)
Written by Dave Dias
Directed by Ron Pitts
Storyboard by Alan Bunce
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Soupy Zowie and Diaper Dyma-No is 1 part 62 episode of Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Sunday 23 April 2006.

Plot Edit

Zowie wants to play with the big kids.

Summary Edit

It sure isn’t fun being small when you can’t play with the big kids; Zowie and little Binky can attest to this one too. While Olie and Billy play space boy, Zowie and Binky are determined to show that they too can be soupy dymano heroes. Not only do they dream up big a big save, but they also get Olie and Billy out of dangers way . . . Hip Hip Hooray, Zowie and Binky save the day!


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