Spot Polie
Spot is the loving playful loyal dog of Olie and Zowie in Rolie Polie Olie. He was given the name because as revealed in But Why?, he made a Spot on the carpet as a puppy.

His bark was voiced by Robert Smith.

Voice Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In 2017, his voice actor, Robert Smith will play the role as the speaking voice of Choo Choo (from Showbiz) while Mae Whitman does the singing on the new film called A Showbiz Pizza Movie (the first movie ever created where Aaron Fechter reprises his role as Billy Bob and Beach Bear and Lady Bianca reprises her role as the voice of Sally Sashay and Dolli Dimples and Elvis Presley as The King and Michael Jackson's role will be only in archival footage as King Kat while the kids song performer Raffi Cavoukian will play his speaking and singing)
  • In mid-March 2017, Robert Smith will also play Parry the pig in a new film called Must Be Me! (the only other film that is CEC related to feature the CEC voice actors)
  • He likes to make friends with Fifi and Dicey.

The most important achievements Edit

Fifi and Spot Spot friendship and Fifi.
Spot saves Binky Spot saves lives Binky.
Spot saves Fifi Spot as the hero saves the life of Fifi.

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