The timeline is all the events in the Rolie Polie Olie universe.

Ancient History Edit

  • The people of the old planet Lived Peaceful in harmony until there was no ice cream.
  • The people of the old planet moved to Rolie Polie Planet due to no Ice Cream.
  • Captain space barnacle Botsy traveled to Search for Ice Cream, Discovered the Rolie Polie Planet.
  • Bots Were wind up bots, until Dr. Cranky Cooky Made Electricity from the clouds.
  • The Battle between Dr. Cranky Cooky and Stormy
  • Now Bots can keep going as far as they can.

The age of Invention Edit

  • Farmers made Pogo planters to grow food and have fun
  • the Robot Mail rocket was 1st made
  • Robot Doctors invented medicine Stuff
  • City bots built skyscrapers and houses

1930's Edit

  • Pappy was born

1970's Edit

  • Percy was born
  • Gizmo was born
  • Percy and Gizmo made Space Rangers game
  • Polina was born

1980's Edit

  • The marriage Between Percy and Polina
  • Moving to the new house

1990's Edit

  • Olie was born (1992)
  • Billy was Born (1992)
  • Zowie Was born (1997)
  • Spot was bought from The Pet Store
  • The show started in 1998 and ended 2004

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