1. Moving to Weegee's Galaxy/Olie and Pollie's Marriage/Baby Olie and Pollie/The Playhouse Disney Overlord
  2. Disney Junior Moved In/Baby Polina and Percy Jr/Olie, Pollie Let's Join Samaweegee's Side
  3. The Zeppelin Raid/Rise of the Olie Raiders and the Pollie Raiders/Stephane and Sophie/Zep Casino Blues Part 1
  4. TBA


  • Olie/Pollie are married.
  • Billy Bevel now has a minor role and appears not often.
  • Stephanie Polie/Sophie Polie/Olie Jr/Pollie Jr/Baby Olie/Baby Pollie/Baby Polina/Percy Jr are introduced.
  • The Olie Clones have made a return appearance after the clones debuted in one of the Rolie Polie Olie episodes.
  • Pollie now has a major role and appears in every episode.
  • Pollie Pi is renamed to Pollie Polie after she is married and became part of the Polie Family since she has no relatives.
  • The Weegee meme is introduced in Season 7.
  • The episodes took place after "Babies Go Home" and at 2004-2015.
  • Weegee is the third main character at later episodes.
  • Higglytown Heroes Characters, PB&J Otter Characters, Weegee-related Characters and etc appear in this season.
  • In later episodes majorly, the season focuses on Weegee 
  • Season 7 is a extension of the Rolie Polie Olie timeline, it is canon and the series continued where it left off.
  • Season 7 more often takes place on Sky Gee HtraE and less often takes place on Polieville.
  • Olie and Pollie's ultra super abilities that first appeared in "Ultra Good Super Heroes" has returned to Season 7.

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