It's time for Olie to go home after having a playdate with Billy And it's time for Billy to gather his toys and put them away (Sadly for him). Billy tells Olie that he wishes he had telekinesis so he could put his toys away quicker, when Olie arrives home he finds his father inventing a machine to change the colors of things or to turn them invisible. Which backfires by turning Olie and his dog Spot Invisible! This allows him to pull a prank on his friend Billy by deceiving him into thinking he is telekinesis when really Olie is cleaning up the yard for him this attempt is hindered by Spot when he finds Billy's cat and chases her. Billy believes that he can't control his telekinesis when Spot bounces the ball around in a frenzy fashion. Finally Olie's dad fixes the machine to reveal Olie and Spot however something goes wrong. The machine backfires again thus turning Olie pink and spot blue (much to Olie's scorn). After feeling remorse from his prank he reveals what his trick was to Billy and apologizes. Shortly after, Olie and Spot become undecorated but before they go home Spot chases the cat again thus knocking the toy chest over by accident.

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