Widget Watchers

Episode 9a, Season 5



January 6, 2006 (Friday)

Previous episode

Invasion of the Ticklers!

Next episode

Shippin' and Receivin'

Written by

Melissa Clark

Storyboard by

Sebastien Mainette

Information in preparation.

Widget Watchers to 9 Episode 5 Season series Rolie Polie Olie.

The premiere of this episode took place on Friday 6 January 2006.

Plot Edit

Screwy does a report for school.


Summary Edit

Screwy's report at school is on his favorit-est constellation, the Widget Constellation. It's in danger of fading away, though, because no one ever looks at it anymore. Widget Watching Club to the rescue! Olie, Billy and Pollie get everyone to help out. If they all watch the Widget Constellation, it wont disappear. But it seems that just looking through their telescopes isnt enough. They have to make sure that the Widget knows theyre watching, and Olie's got a plan!

Trivia Edit

The letter "W" covered the center of Polieville.

Gallery Edit

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